XZOGA®, a brand that emerge into the market that shock the fishing industry and create an overwhelming force into the entire world.


The TEAMXZOGA®, a group of professional rod builders and veteran anglers that has over 20 years of experiences in sport fishing industry that had been always dedicated to new innovative ideas and challenges, evaluate and professionally designed, engineered to create a new trend using the supreme quality new rods plus the V9 construction concept, thus, the XZOGA® was born!

Fully computerize design process helps the TEAMXZOGA® to evaluate and develop the rod to fully utilize its “Super Power” and “Well Balance Action” more precisely and efficiently which offers the anglers a different level of fishing experience.

Power Transmission Fighting Action

The Innovating V9 construction concept which developed by TEAMXZOGA® possessed a very unique and unbelievable features. The Soul of the design "Power Transmission Fighting (PTF) action" minimizes the anglers fatigue exhaustion to handle hours of tough fish fighting with ease. With the SS concept in mind, TEAMXZOGA® creates a totally new range of rods with super slim blank body and superb thick inner wall blank design. Strong, powerful, tough, light, ultra high torque power and lifting power, superb sensitive and responsive feel that complete with supreme PTF action with an additional of precision backbone treatment that finished with super high-end components, XZOGA®, is indeed an ultimate product for a professionally you.

Beside the ultra-uniqueness that mention above, with our other key products eg: Jigging PE MMS10² , Taka-PE , Shogun-PE , 100% Fluoro Carbon , CamoLeader & Taka-SK , XZOGA® will certainly give you a brand new fishing experience with much more relaxing and enjoying the whole process. Enjoy the joyfulness while fishing, I am sure that, you won’t want to miss it.

XZOGA®, a name that known for its uniqueness, a brand that known for its quality and superiority, a product that create another great heights for all professional anglers, it is an ultimate weapon for a perfect professionally you!

"Born to Lead, Dare to Challenge"