Black Mamba - The fastest snake in the world has a reputation for being aggressive and highly venomous. We transform the characteristic of Black Mamba to our new series concept design and it was born as a light weight, flexible and power lure casting game rod. 99% micro graphite blank provides excellent lifting power and PYTHON wire wrapping surface increase the torque power of the blank. Featuring SS concept, this rod is exceptionally lightweight, super sensitive & responsive. Finesse tuned PTF action will let you cast the lure even further, accurate and less effort. The latest achievement of FUJI K series guides can minimize the line tangle problem. Conclusion - nothing can escape.

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  Model Length Type Sec. PE NO Ptf Action BestDrag MaxDrag Line Wt. Lure Wt. Graphite  
  BMS 60mhf2 6' 0" S 2 PE 1.0 FAST 4-6LB 8LB 8-16LB 12-40G 99%  
  BMS 66mhf2 6' 6" S 2 PE 1.2 FAST 5-7LB 9LB 8-18LB 15-50G 99%  
  BMS 70mhf2 7' 0" S 2 PE 1.5 FAST 6-8LB 10LB 10-20LB 12-40G 99%  
  BMS 80mhf2 8' 0" S 2 PE 2.0 FAST 7-9LB 13LB 12-25LB 12-50G 99%