Korea SiC Guide Rubber Cork
Special Design

Blastino’s medium heavy power range is ideally designed to cover freshwater and coastal fishing. Strong lifting power butt section can handle powerful sprint of saltwater fishes while softer tip can cast any lure at will. 99% micro graphite blank plus PYTHON wire wrapping surface increase the torque power and sensitivity of the blank. Professionally tuned PTF action provides you high degree of handling feel and minimizes the angler’s fatigue exhaustion.

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  Model Length Type Sec. PE NO Ptf Action BestDrag MaxDrag Line Wt. Lure Wt. Graphite  
  BTS 48mf1 4' 8" S 1 PE PE 1.5 M-FAST 6-8LB 10LB 10-20LB 12-40G 99%  
  BTS 58mhf1 5' 8" S 1 PE PE 2.0 FAST 7-9LB 13LB 10-25LB 15-50G 99%  
  BTS 68mhf2 6' 8" S 2 PE PE 1.5 FAST 6-8LB 10LB 10-20LB 12-40G 99%  
  BTS 78mhf2 7' 8" S 2 PE PE 2.5 FAST 4-6LB 15LB 10-30LB 12-50G 99%