Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is V9?

V9 is an ideal construction concept to develop an ultimate weapon for extreme performance.

  1. Ultra High Modulus Graphite Construction
  2. Super Slim & Thick Wall Blank Design
  3. Ultra High Torque Power
  4. Ultimate Lifting Power
  5. Power Transmission Fighting Action
  6. Superb Sensitive & Responsive
  7. Precision Backbone Treatment
  8. Super Tough & Light
  9. Super High-End Components

What is the different between Taka-G & Taka-U?

Taka-G - 99% graphite, slimmest & strongest in the market, PTF action, PHTYON wire wrapping surface, since it’s contain high carbon, the torque power is higher than others, it is truly for professional anglers.

Taka-U – AVG. 80% graphite + glass, super tough, PTF action, HMR coating surface, graphite composite & special construction makes it tougher than others, suitable for all kinds of anglers even for rough fishing.


What is the different between Taka-Si & Taka-SA model?

Taka-Si & Taka-SA is 2 different series; they are different in power, action, and develop concept for different types of angler, please refer to Taka-G & Taka-U for the detail differences.


What is the different between Taka-Si & Taka-Ji model?

Taka-Si & Taka-Ji is the same series, they are made by same blank, same component. They are 2 types of system. Taka-Si is “Spinning” type while Taka-Ji is "Conventional" type.


What is the different between Taka-SA & Taka-BA model?

Taka-SA & Taka-BA is the same series, they are made by same blank, same component. They are 2 types of system. Taka-SA is “Spinning” type while Taka-BA is “Conventional” type.


What is the different between MA-S & JA-S model?

VMA-S is the deluxe version of XZOGA Lure Casting Rod and JA-S is the standard version. MA-S & JA-S using same blank and same concept, the main different is the equipped components. MA-S equipped with 100% Japan FUJI components while JA-S equipped with FUJI reel seat and high quality Korea guide system.


What is the different PYTHON surface & HMR surface?

PYTHON – 99% carbon strap wrapping around the blank, increase 8-10% of the torque power of the blank, unique finishing, protective surface.

HMR (Hard MirroR) – triple layer of paint coating procedure, a unique coating technology that makes the blank smoother and long lasting surface paint protection.


What is the different between all XZOGA leader lines: 100% Fluoro Carbon, Camoleader & Taka-SK?

Please refer to XZOGA leader’s individual description in LINE section.


What is the purpose of MMS10² ?

Jigging PE MMS10² (Multicolor Marking System 10 Colors X 10M) lets you count the depth of the water. Drop your jig at the fish level can shorten the jigging action time and increase the chance to hook up a fish. It’s a virtually counting system which also can be used to count the lure casting distance.