Prepare for the silent attack! Introducing the innovative thin diameter and low visibility camoleader line. Camoleader offers 10X higher abrasion resistance and toughness than most other leaders in the same diameter. High strength, low stretch and easy handling, it is a perfect hook tying leader line that will perform under the toughest fighting condition. Featuring SS concept (super Slim & super Strong), your secret weapon to catch more fish.

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PE 6.0 0.40 mm 20 LB 50M 1000M
PE 9.0 0.50 mm 30 LB 50M 1000M
PE 12.0 0.58 mm 40 LB 50M 1000M
PE 15.0 0.63 mm 50 LB 50M 1000M
PE 18.0 0.70 mm 60 LB 50M 1000M
PE 26.0 0.83 mm 80 LB 50M 1000M
PE 30.0 0.90 mm 100 LB 50M 1000M
PE 40.0 1.00 mm 130 LB 50M ---
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