Every good catch starts from here, introducing the thinnest diameter leader line that we ever developed in our history. Constructed under Japan latest technology, Carbono leader is high strength, low stretch and less memory, crystal grey color lower the visibility in the water. The stiffness of the line decreases the line tangle percentage in deep sea fishing. Featuring SS concept (super Slim & super Strong), it is a perfect hook tying leader line that will increase the fish biting rate under the toughest condition.

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PE 5.0 0.37 mm 20 LB 50M ---
PE 7.0 0.43 mm 30 LB 50M ---
PE 10.0 0.52 mm 40 LB 50M 300M
PE 13.0 0.59 mm 50 LB 50M 300M
PE 16.0 0.66 mm 60 LB 50M 300M
PE 22.0 0.77 mm 80 LB 50M 300M
PE 28.0 0.87 mm 100 LB 50M ---
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