New Generation Design
JIGGING PE MMS10² - The strongest 10 colors x 10 M PE braid, special design for deep water fishing. MMS10² (Multicolor Marking System) lets you counts the depth of the water. Drop your jig at the fish level can shorten the jigging action time and increase the chance to hook up a fish.
TAKA-PE - New generation Super Micro Braided Line, a unique high-performance braid with all of the qualities that anglers search for - high strength, easy handling and casting. Rounder body makes for smoother casting. Smooth surface provides extremely high knot strength.
SHOGUN-PE - New century Micro PE Line, SHOGUN-PE is a new type high-performance braid that can let you conquer all kind of fishes. The innovative new type of weaving method combines the exclusive SS concept improves the strength of the braided lines to make the structure tighter, rounder and tougher, with an even smaller diameter.
A8 Hyper Micro PE - is the strongest, thinnest diameter and most durable 8 braid PE line that we ever created. Precision 8 braiding and more than 30 weaves per inch construction maintain the consistency of line and also provides superior strength, roundness and sensitivity.
RUBYLON - Superior & effortless casting experience starts from here. Advanced tuning performance assures unbeatable casting distance with pinpoint accuracy for long casting anglers. Exclusive abrasion technology provides remarkably durability. Rubylon is Soft, smooth, supple yet exceptionally strong.
BUSTERLON - All round exceptional performance, Busterlon is incredibly strong with one of the ultra high tensile strength of ratings of any premium monofilament. Super performance designed monofilament for a higher level of saltwater fishing.
TAKALON - Super well balance performance monofilament. An exceptionally soft, smooth and limp line with excellent tensile & knot strength. This low stretch line allows you to react quicker to fish bites, allowing you to catch more fish. Smooth & trouble-free casting with less twisting and backlashes, easy handling make it very desirable in freshwater and saltwater fishing.
MASTERLON -Nothing comes near to it’s toughness and abrasion resistance, Masterlon - the ultimate abrasion resistant monofilament in the market. Exclusive Copolymer Formula-X provides the extra toughness and greater abrasion resistance than most of the monofilaments in the same diameter.
CARBONO LEADER - Every good catch starts from here, introducing the thinnest diameter leader line that we ever developed in our history. Constructed under Japan latest technology, Carbono leader is high strength, low stretch and less memory, crystal grey color lower the visibility in the water.
100% FLUORO CARBON - S-class premium quality 100% Fluoro Carbon leader line that virtually invisible in the water. Exceptionally reliable and durable line designed to perform under the toughest fishing conditions.
TAKA-SK SHOCK LEADER - Taka-SK is specially designed and made to cushion the shock created from Dyneema & Spectra braided line under the toughest condition. Featuring SS concept, Taka-SK is smooth, high knot strength, superb shock absorption and high abrasion resistant.
CAMOLEADER - Prepare for the silent attack! Introducing the innovative thin diameter and low visibility camoleader line. Camoleader offers 10X higher abrasion resistance and toughness than most other leaders in the same diameter.