Your waiting is over, introducing the toughest blank that we ever built. Constructed under exclusive multi-layer reinforced technology, high modulus micro graphite mixes with premium E-glass composite. Super thick wall design boosts the strength, toughness and lifting power to the maximum state. Professional tuning PTF action lets you handle any kind of big game fishing with ease. Exclusively super smooth HMR coating increase the 2X times protection to the blank surface. Tough, strong, light, superb torque & lifting power, this is what you waiting for your custom building SW game fishing rods.

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HMR coating    

  Model Length Type Sec Japan Pe PTF Action Best Drag Max Drag Max PWR Lure WT.  
  Taka-U 55-500G 5' 5" CUSTOM 1 PE 6-10 X-FAST 8-12 KGg 20 KG 25 KG Best. 500G  
  Taka-U 56-350G 5' 6" CUSTOM 1 PE 5-8 X-FAST 6-10 KGg 15 KG 20 KG Best.350G  
  Taka-U 58-250G 5' 8" CUSTOM 1 PE 3-5 FAST+ 5-8 KGg 10 KG 15 KG Best.250G  
  Taka-U 59-150G 5' 9" CUSTOM 1 PE 2-4 FAST 4-6 KGg 8 KG 12 KG Best.150G  
  Taka-U 60-100G 6' 0" CUSTOM 1 PE 1-3 FAST 3-4 KGg 6 KG 10 KG Best.100G  
  Model ROD Wt. TIP DIA. BUTT DIA. Material  
  Taka-U 55-500G 190g 3.50mm 15.30mm AVG. 80% GRAPHITE + E-GLASS  
  Taka-U 56-350G 160g 3.30mm 14.30mm AVG. 80% GRAPHITE + E-GLASS  
  Taka-U 58-250G 138g 3.00mm 12.50mm AVG. 80% GRAPHITE + E-GLASS  
  Taka-U 59-150G 97g 2.50mm 11.50mm AVG. 80% GRAPHITE + E-GLASS  
  Taka-U 60-100G 80g 2.00mm 10.00mm AVG. 80% GRAPHITE + E-GLASS